Baker Academic

Our mission

Baker Academic serves the academy and the church by publishing high-quality works that bring Christian faith to bear on the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and human flourishing.

Our goal

Our goal is to publish books that are notable for their inherent quality and deemed essential reading by students and scholars.

Our work

Baker Academic connects authors and readers across the broad academic and religious landscape by publishing books that explore various aspects of historic Christianity and its contemporary expressions. Our authors are scholars with recognized expertise who write irenically and display a healthy respect for other perspectives and traditions.

We produce primary and supplementary textbooks, reference works, and scholarly monographs that extend the academic conversation to a wide range of readers, from college and seminary students to professors and researchers to lifelong learners. Our main areas of focus are biblical studies, theology, and the practices of ministry and cultural engagement. Within these broad categories, we publish books in a variety of adjacent disciplines, including ethics, history, spiritual formation, intercultural studies, and integrative works in literature, communication, philosophy, and psychology.

Our commitments

As a company that believes in the inherent diversity reflected in the kingdom of God, Baker Book House Company is committed to the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the books we publish, in our community of employees, and in the way we conduct ourselves in our workplace and in the marketplace. Through our DEIB Advisory Council, we are actively seeking opportunities to advance the work of DEIB within our company, creating a more inclusive, representative, and welcoming workplace. We intentionally seek to publish underrepresented voices in our books and to build strong relationships with our local community and the wider publishing industry.